So, what are our roots?
We were founded in 1990 and we currently employ a "family" of over 40 staff across our headquarters in Dublin (Ireland), and our offices in Philadelphia and Kentucky (USA) and Heidelberg (Germany).

We've been working successfully with U.S. military personnel and their families for over 20 years in Germany, Italy, Bosnia, Kosova, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Hawaii, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the U.S. And we're proud of that.

What's the Family business?
We help families celebrate their history by supplying heraldic items such as family histories, heraldic coats of arms, European designed swords, crested rings and medieval armor.

We draw from a database of over 800,000 family name histories to create authentic, high quality items such as shields, parchments and embroideries custom‑ made for you.

If you have a name of European origin then we can show you your crest and coat of arms and explain your name's meaning, history and origin.